5 times it’s totally OK to say ‘no’ at work

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a “yes” person. I love being the one to swoop in, agree to the impossible project, and get things taken care of.

But, everybody knows that nodding enthusiastically to every opportunity that comes across your lap is a recipe for stress overload. “You need to learn to say no!” is advice you likely hear repeatedly from friends and family members who are sick of listening to you complain about your packed schedule.

However, saying no is a lot easier said than done — particularly if you’re someone who has grown accustomed to being there in a pinch. And, while you should undoubtedly put some thought into every opportunity you walk away from, there are definitely times when you’re way better off turning things down.

So, here are five instances when it’s totally OK — and even encouraged — to walk away.

1. When You have a Better Opportunity

You only have so much time and energy, so you need to be somewhat selective about the opportunities, events and projects that fill up your time. As cutthroat as it might seem, there’s no

Eight Ways to Boost Your Future Salary

Hasil gambar untuk Eight Ways to Boost Your Future SalaryEveryone looks for a higher income. However, most people ignore some of the basic factors that influence salary growth, and thus lose out on potential increased salary levels. To help you out, the career experts at Bayt.com, the Middle East’s #1 Job Site, offer you top steps to follow in order to boost your future salary:

  1. Observing industry growth trends: Keep an eye on industry growth trends, as soon as you see the industry growth curve tapering downwards, or if the quarterly growth figures in your industry show a continuous decrease, it’s time to reconsider your career path. Some industries are more susceptible to economic transitions and it’s unwise to remain in a volatile industry for too long. Similarly keep an eye out for indicators of industry growth such as stock prices, large investments or an increase in vacancies in that industry.

If you are thinking of a career shift, it would be wise to plan and invest time in a certification or an academic qualification. This will diversify your skill-set and allow you to embark on a new career in a

Twelve Ways to Be a Lifelong Learner

Hasil gambar untuk Twelve Ways to Be a Lifelong LearnerAlvin Toffler said “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”.

This quote more or less summarizes the importance of continual learning in today’s ever changing times. The best way to approach the process of ongoing discovery is with zest and ardour. The career experts at the Middle East’s #1 job site Bayt.com have twelve suggestions you can incorporate in your life to make continual learning work for you.

  1. Read voraciously literature related to your career 77.9% of respondents to a Bayt.com poll indicated they read constantly and 69.6% indicated they believe reading is vital to career progress. Many books are absolute business classics in a general sense and others may be very specific to your chosen domain; consult book reviews and industry journals when uncertain and always aim to stay ahead of the curve in your career reading.
  2. Develop interests and read in non-job related areas You would be surprised at the value you can derive both in your career and in your life

ULearning Partners with Dave Espino to Broaden Education Distribution Platform


(St. Petersburg, Florida)– ULearning, the company building the largest distribution platform for online education, providing people real-world learning opportunities and connecting them with real-world earning opportunities, today announced that Dave Espino, one of the world’s leading online educators, has partnered with the firm to make a range of his courses available on the ULearning platform.

ULearning, which recently finished the development of its platform, is now creating linkages with affiliates, ecommerce companies, and other major partners, and is beginning to build out its online education course syllabus. Different than Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, and others that have taken in hundreds of millions of dollars in outside investment, ULearning has all been self-funded and internally developed by its partners. ULearning is leveraging its internal ecommerce expertise, experience running global multinational businesses, and relationships to build the largest online education distribution system in the world.

Dave Espino, one of the most successful leaders in online education, who has sold over $100 million worth of his video training courses, and has been featured on CNBC, Fox Business and others, recently decided to partner with ULearning and bring his courses to market via the ULearning platform. Mr. Espino commented, “When I became aware of what

Where To Start with Jobs and More

The Importance of Public Safety Careers

Pursuing a career that will help save lives is truly an admirable thing to do. There are citizens who are in need of protection each and every single day and there has to be professionals on duty to provide them that. These people have to respond to the calls they get in the fastest possible way. You can actually get this kind of job when you pursue a degree which will help you get this profession. You will surely have an amazing career to come when you pursue this degree.

When terrorism occurs or some other related situations that would cause the people to go in a panic, these professionals will do the job of protecting them. Even situations related to national disasters are handled by these professionals as well. There are many ways in which you can study to become one of these guys in the future so don’t hesitate to do so. These people are also in demand so you will be guaranteed excellent pay at the same time. When it comes to fulfillment then this job will surely give you everything you need and more. When it comes to matters like

A Quick Overlook of Opportunities – Your Cheatsheet

The Benefits Of Searching At Online Job Sites

There is no need for people to spend much time reading newspapers or going from different companies only to find a job these days. Using the internet in job market changed the way people look for jobs.

There are countless of online job search sites that are available today, which makes it simpler for both recruiters and candidates as well to find what they’re searching for. These types of pages revolutionized the way job market is functioning. One of the best things with regards to these job search sites online is that, they are specially designed to make sure that any firm that wants to hire someone for a particular post will find the right candidate.

If you are seeking for a job opportunity for specific field, all you need to do is sign up with some of the known job search sites as these would provide the widest coverage of job postings. These said websites are providing resources and systems that can help you to match with the kind of job that you’re looking for and in to the industry that you like to work for as soon as possible. In

5 Uses For Forums

Getting into Pilot Career Lines with Sites and Forums People that want to be pilots can have the best guidance with the pilot career forums online. There are a lot of ways in which people do not realize the worth of the pilot career forums but once they do use the forums as well, they see that there are a lot of knowledge and opportunities in the forums they visit. There are a lot of people that look forward to being pilots, but end up not becoming who they dream to be and that is why it is best to make sure that there are a lot of people that do get to visit these pilot career forums. There are a lot of people that do not have the ideas to do what they want to become, but those who do run after their piloting dream do find the best of opportunities online with the pilot career forums and some do join the military pilot programs while some do get to be sponsored with civilian sponsoring programs. Some people that work very hard to be pilots always make sure they have the best of resources

The Beginners Guide To Tips (Finding The Starting Point)

Drug Testing Methods to Use Anytime You Need Drug testing is in demand in today’s generation because the number of drug abusers has been continuously increasing every day. Even schools, law enforcement agencies, sports, etc. even use drug testing because of its importance. Aside from that, workplaces also use drug tests as a pre-screening to applicants and they even conduct random tests to their existing employees. Even homes do some drug testing methods to know whether any of the family has been a drug abuser. Common methods of drug testing: There are different methods of drug testing and it depends based on the samples taken to conduct the drug test. Some of the most common samples are urine, sweat, blood, breath and saliva. Each sample also varies in analysis. Once the sample is collected, the test is done immediately.
How I Became An Expert on Services
Urine test
Getting To The Point – Services
The most common type of drug test is the drug test urinalysis. Compared to other drug testing methods, this method is way cheaper. You can also buy drug test kit for urine samples in the market since

Finding Parallels Between Experts and Life

Different Reasons Why People Can Choose To Have A Career In Biology People can now get to pick to be a biologist due to the fact they can easily know about the different kinds of life forms and the environment they are living in, they can pick to have a career in different types of fields of science. When individuals would pick this type of career, they must have great passion about this field than thinking about the money that they can easily earn on their whole career. People need to know that there are numerous responsibilities which people needs to learn when they want to choose to be a biologist as a long term career and also as a main source of livelihood. Biologists study different animal species population, they can also protect and record different details about animal organisms and also get to study about them. Biologist are working to do a number of thorough research about the different kinds of animals from the biggest to the smallest of organisms all around the animal kingdom. One of the main responsibility of these biologists is to get and observe and try to examine the various parts

ULearning Presents Solutions To Shorten Students’ Paths From Learning To Earning


(St. Petersburg, FL)— ULearning, the company building the largest distribution platform for online education, providing people real-world learning opportunities and connecting them with real-world earning opportunities, commented today on the recent Forbes report of the exploding market for online education.

On January 5, 2016 Forbes reported that “skills are driving earnings” and that four factors are behind the rapid growth of education: First, there is now the bandwidth for it. Then, the online education business model works, In addition, the value of education is now higher than ever. Finally, the content is fantastic.

The Forbes author went on to comment “Online learning is still just getting started. I’ve watched my own children adapt to courses and learning online and it’s natural, powerful, and useful. In 2016 we are going to see a new world of curation and collaboration tools to help us harness all this content in the corporate world.”

Brent Willis, Partner at ULearning, stated, “Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and others are all starting to report on the disruption that online education represents to the traditional post-secondary education model. Four years of school not earning, coupled with hundreds of thousands of dollars of costs and lots

ULearning Addresses New Financial Realities Of Brick And Mortar Universities


(St. Petersburg, FL)— ULearning, the company building the largest distribution platform for online education, providing people real-world learning opportunities and connecting them with real-world earning opportunities, commented today on the recent Wall Street Journal report of the growing financial pressures of US colleges and Universities.

On January 4, 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported that the number of colleges and universities now subject to increased financial oversight from the federal government has risen 8 percent to 540 in just the past three months. The New York Times also previously reported that only approximately 500 of the 4,000-plus colleges and universities in the United States seem to have finances that are stable enough for them to be truly safe. The remaining colleges can no longer hold off the technological, demographic and economic forces quickly bearing down on them.

Students are not having it much easier either. Jeff Denneen of Bain and Company reported that, “The volume of student loan debt has surpassed $1 trillion and is now greater than credit card debt. Average tuition costs make up almost 40 percent of median earnings, and education has been growing at more than 3 times the rate of the Consumer Price Index.”

ULearning and

ULearning Growing Its Online Eduction Distribution With No Outside Investments


ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, January 14, 2016 — In the latest ULearning News, the company building the largest distribution platform for online education, providing people real-world learning opportunities and connecting them with real-world earning opportunities commented on the $105 million dollars of investment received by Udacity, in deference to ULearning that is making a difference for people with no outside grants or investments from hedge funds or private equity groups.

The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and other news outlets reported that in the last quarter Udacity recently took in another $105 million dollars of investment to fund their online education platform from a range of venture capital firms to value Udacity at $1Billion. Online education now represents more than 30% of all post secondary education and Udacity, which was started less than 3 years ago, is one of the early entrants capitalizing on the trend.

ULearning, started in 2015, has been taking a different approach than some of the early online education entrants that have taken in hundreds of millions of dollars from hedge funds and other investment groups. ULearning in contrast is 100% self-funded and as such can focus solely on making a real impact on learning and job opportunities

Websites – Getting Started & Next Steps

How You Could Find the Best Online Job Website The secret when it comes to finding the right and best online job website would be in deciding first to compare your various options available to the best one there is. Our online world today in fact now is constantly expanding and that this produced already tons of possibilities, great opportunities and even produced changes for all people. The result with it has been a big impact and that it also had given tons of benefits. One of the benefits is that you don’t need to go to an office for you to be able to earn good money. Today, you can in fact find so many types of jobs that you could choose and still stay at the comfort of your home. What you only need for it would be a reliable internet connection and also a reliable computer to use. It is also very important that you have the knowledge necessary in finding websites which will be able to offer legal jobs online. You could possibly find the best online jobs when you implement research in an effective manner. There are a lot of websites which

A 10-Point Plan for Webshops (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Methods of Recruiting Online Workers Sometimes the customer orders could be too much to be handled by the employees you already have. More services from the employees are needed to cater for the new growth in the business. This could be due to the business doing so well which may create an opportunity of deploying an additional staff. The hiring process requires one to clearly understand the task ahead of the organization which should obviously align with the goals of the organization. When super arrangement of employment are done, it guarantees the firm optimum utilization of resources which it could be having at its disposal. Solid consideration are to be observed in any recruitment process. First of all the employment should be done to the benefit of the firm. It is worth noting that doing business through the internet offers broad opportunities and this should be given a consideration during the employment process. Application of the internet in the whole operations of the business creates a huge platform which offers numerous opportunities of marketing campaign. How broad the business can be is another major consideration which should keenly be looked at. A single person or

How To Build An Effective On The Job Training Program

Let’s start with a terrifying fact for employers: 40 percent of employees who receive poor (or no) on-the-job training leave within the first year of employment. And when employees leave, it costs you.

Think on-the-job training is too expensive or too much of a hassle to deal with?

You need to have a an on-the-job training program in your business. On-the-job training is an investment in time and money, but it’s also an investment into your most important asset: your employees.

Why Do You Need On-The-Job Training?

On-the-job training seems like it would mainly benefit employers. After all, well-trained and skilled employees mean increased productivity and growth. But there’s so much more to it.

Look at that statistic — almost half of employees leave a business because of lack of training! Clearly there is something more at stake for employers than just having skilled employees. Offering great on-the-job training programs means that:

  1. You will have happier employees.Employees who are given on-the-job training, for example, are more committed to your business. The are also happier, and 30 percent are more excited about their work (as opposed to 14 percent who receive no training).
  2. You will build a pool of employees that you can promote.By providing on-the-job training to employees, you are creating a highly skilled workforce in

Smart Tips For Uncovering Services

Hiring Strategies – Webshop Employee Hiring 101 On your own, not being able to keep up with your customers is not necessarily a bad thing. This signifies growth in your business especially when your sales are going through the roof. At this point, hiring employees for your webshop should be something you are considering. When it comes to hiring, it’s very important to know the things you should do. Time is one of the things you will be able to save when you know the effective ways of hiring a webshop employee in addition to money. If you are operating a webshop, you will find that there are many aspects in the business that need to be addressed. Some owners of webshops are well rounded and are able to take care of everything the business requires all by themselves but there are also others who cannot handle everything on their own. The size of the business is one of the webshop aspects where many of the work depends on. Even if you are capable enough to manage all the demands from your webshop, you still don’t know everything there is to know. There are many experts in

How I Became An Expert on Advice

Piloting Vocation Tips If a person would like to be a pilot, he must have a starting point. Preparation for hard work, dedication and determination is a must in order to be a pilot for the reason that existence of numerous disappointments.
Figuring Out Advice
School is the initial spot for an enthusiastic aspirant to start with and a place for proper guidance. Brilliant fundamentals of information and prospects can be possibly granted by a school with Cadet Force. Schools which have cadet forces chances are accessible to take pleasure on gliding, in which the candidate will have the option to achieve solo standard, and air travel in service aircraft. Basis of proper supervision for potential studies are also based on abstract revisions of abstract revisions. If a passionate applicant desires to become pilot, one must to have the highest improvement of the whole thing that is on recommend. Deliberation in a service career, be it Navy, Army or Air Force, hence cadet force is an exceptional means to quest if a person really eager to be converted into a pilot.
Careers – My Most Valuable Advice
Cadet forces let an aspirant of

On Jobs: My Experience Explained

American Job Market – Complexities and Models You Should Understand One of the things you will find all over the media nowadays, is that when it comes to hiring, you won’t be able to land the job if you do not possess the exact skill set that the employers are looking for. When the skills that recruiters seek are not among skills you have on your resume, they say that you won’t even be considered for the job. There are software that are apparently being used by companies to be able to find the perfect match for the position that needs to be filled from the resumes. Only those who have relevant and high experience are being scheduled for an interview. But when companies downsize their manpower, these people who possess particular skill sets are the ones being removed and we read and hear stories like these all the time. This makes a lot of sense because having less workers will mean the people you have left will have to take on more responsibilities and they may also learn how to do other jobs. However, it would also make a lot more senses when you make your

The Ultimate Guide to Employees

Secure the Future of Your Online Shop by Knowing Exactly What to Consider When Hiring Webshop Employees There will be a lot of ways for an individual to become successful and if they decided to start off with a business and thought of starting with an online business, then it will definitely be important for them to know exactly how hiring webshop employees should work. It really is important that you should take the step of hiring webshop employees carefully, especially because these people will be responsible for how your business’ success will turn out in the next year or so, especially because you will be working with someone you don’t get to see in person. It should be quite obvious for everyone to see that there is a great difference when deciding to hire someone in person as opposed to hiring someone through the internet, which is why we will be discussing the main points that should be considered when hiring webshop employees. You should check and ensure that you will be working with someone who you can trust and comfortable being with, not to mention that they should also have the right skills to ensure

Smart Ideas: Businesses Revisited

All About The Process Of Hiring Webshop Employees When you are in the hiring process for your online business, there are basically a couple of options that you can have and this is either hiring an independent contractor or sometimes known as a freelancer or a consultant or hiring a full-fledged employee. The decision that you will make is going to affect several things like legal and tax obligations as well as the way you’re running your business and the profits it make. As soon as you have decided which kind of worker suits the position you want to fill, your next course of action is to choose the right person for the job and then, deal with the tax forms as well as other paperwork and reporting requirements. In general, IC or an independent contractor is someone who is providing a specialized service on per-project basis for several clients or businesses. Most of the time, the services that the ICs are providing are certain level of experience, skill and at times, licensing like for example, attorneys and bookkeepers are known often as ICs. You could hire IC for ongoing basis like maintaining your online

Being an Efficient Instructor Means Continually Evolving

The thing that each and every tutor should remember is that teacher thinking and also effective teaching counts. The actual reasons precisely why teachers perform certain points in typically the classroom and also what that they hope in order to achieve possesses an influence on scholar progress. Gurus have discovered that thinking about the actual nature involving maths along with what that means for you to understand this, along using teachers’ tips about exactly how children understand and their particular role throughout that procedure, was a good crucial element in precisely how effective that they were.

Think with regards to teacher-student romantic relationships

This might also look obvious, however the communications teachers possess with pupils has any big impression on mastering – while of a “classroom climate”. The particular report mentioned that this was essential to generate a class room environment which was “consistently demanding more”. A student’s results ought to be attributed to efforts rather when compared with ability.

Manage conduct

Interestingly, this specific wasn’t since significant because subject information and class instruction while a aspect contributing for you to teacher achievement. But school room management, such as continuing education as well as just how well some sort of teacher can make

Begin Making A Little Bit More Money

No matter if you’re a stay at home mother or maybe you are employed, but the truth is really are not producing enough cash, you might be looking for a method to earn more income. Yet another job almost certainly is not feasible, therefore you try the web for assistance. The online world is really a vast learning resource, and lots of people earn their cash on the internet everyday. However, you will always need to be cautious. Lots of the get rich quick or perhaps work from your home schemes are a scam, which means they will be taking your hard earned money and never earning you virtually any. Even so, there are still many ways you possibly can make money online, without getting swindled.

If you are considering how to make money, you will need to be mindful. Many scams carry out the very same couple of elements, thus they can be very easy to spot. For example, they are going to come to you. You may obtain emails from them without even recognizing who they are or perhaps having signed up for their optin list. You won’t want to open up emails or visit any sort of

10 Tips for Successful Career Planning: An Activity for Job-Seekers

There are plenty of gadgets available online and you can buy them for discounted prices offered at many online e-commerce websites like Shopclues Coupons, Couponbazaar and mydala. These websites have listed tens of products on discounted prices and internet users can make significant savings by leveraging upon lucrative offers. However, it’s always a tricky job to ensure the best ROI on your investment, even after discount. There are some important tips which you should keep in mind before purchasing an online gadget.

  1. Check Gadget Reviews Online:

Websites for gadget reviews are in plenty. Some of them being CNET, gadgetreview, NDTV Gadgets etc. Some intriguing online advertisements can tempt customers to purchase gadgets which are not actually worth the cost on offer. Before you rush to purchase any gadget online, you should read the reviews about that product from various product review websites and find out what other customers are saying about it. You can identify the pros and cons of the product and decide whether it will be really useful for you. Based on that you can decide whether to purchase the product or not.

  1. Review The Specifications:

Another important point to consider before purchasing a gadget is going through the complete set of specifications and configurations before deciding which product